Hug a creative person today

A simple challenge: encourage somebody today.

Watching 9 year old Caine get noticed for the love he put into building his own arcade had me (very) nearly choked up this morning.

Maybe I was already on an emotional high from seeing zefrank get all vulnerable in his Invocation for Beginnings.

Or maybe it’s because I had just been reflecting on a great talk by Ray Bradbury about his life and writing.

…what you are all looking for, but maybe you don’t know it… what you’re looking for in your writing and your life, is for one person to come up to you and say, “I love you.”

Ray Bradbury from An evening with Ray Bradbury

I just know that, when I’m honest with myself, deep down much of who I am is all tied up in simply wanting to be loved.

We all want to be noticed. We all want approval. No matter how much success we see or don’t see, we’re still fragile people looking for a pat on the back.

So, here’s a challenge for you today. Find someone whose work brings you joy. Maybe an artist, writer, musician, entrepreneur – anybody that puts him/herself out there to make the world a more interesting place. And do the thing you need most for yourself: let them know that what they do is awesome. Find some way to love ’em.

Some simple ground rules

  1. If someone came to mind, do it right away. Don’t put it off.
  2. Be genuine. Don’t do it just to make yourself feel good. Really mean what you say or do.
  3. Be specific with your praise. It can be really easy to discount someone’s compliment when it’s too general.
  4. Don’t be creepy. Nobody wants a stalker.

Okay, that’s it. Go hug a creative person.