BamBoost Growth

Bamboost Growth is a business consulting company in Austin, TX. It provides strategic advice and online tools for small to mid-sized businesses. I created a brand to show Bamboost's energy and optimism for helping companies expand.

Notes & Process

In the summer of 2010, BamBoost Growth contacted me about developing a logo and brand identity for their website launch. As we discussed BamBoost's mission and values, I was impressed with how passionate they are about seeing their clients grow and find success. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Their logo needed to match that energy.

My early sketches revolved around the idea of "bamboo" as a play-on-words in their name. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, so it's a natural fit for a company that focuses on helping small to mid-sized businesses thrive. The concept worked well, so I skewed the bamboo to give it a sense of movement and energy, and paired it with a solid blue background to keep the mark grounded and professional. I chose a bright green as a secondary color to give the brand vibrance, and to suggest growth.

Need a designer with CSS skills? A developer with a sense of aesthetics? An animated gif with gravitas? Let's talk.