Deznu is a technology and design company that builds apps and websites that enable people to connect, learn, and grow. I designed their logo to reflect the friendly user experiences they create.

Notes & Process

In early 2013, Deznu founded a research and development lab to focus on innovative user interfaces for tablets, phones, and beyond. The name Deznu is a play on "Design and You." They needed a brand to represent their cutting edge ideas, but also to fit their bread-and-butter mobile app development services.

Together, we established the following goals for their logo:

  1. To represent the value they place on innovation and cutting edge design.
  2. To instill confidence in their technology partners.
  3. To demonstrate the approachability and ease of use of their products.

A great user experience is a high priority for Deznu when it builds a new interface. Just as the design of their products impacts their users positively, the users and their needs impact the final outcome of Deznu's designs.

I was struck by the cyclical nature of the design process as ideas flow from the designer to the user and back around again. I explored this concept in the new logo by bridging the D of "design" with the U of "you" in Deznu. The result is a clean, crisp mark defined by the relationship between Deznu and its customers.

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