Hill Country Institute

The Hill Country Institute is a Christian non-profit that cultivates dialogue on faith and culture. I designed and built a website to serve as an online store and resource library for their community.

Notes & Process

The Hill Country Institute's website was outdated and needed some love. The client wanted to roll out several new features, including an online store, a media resource library, and a newsletter for announcing events.

I designed and built a custom site and integrated it into the Business Catalyst content management system, which gave them a lot of what they needed: eCommerce, Account Membership, and Newsletter solutions. I also built a custom Business Catalyst Web App that provided a back-end for their media resource library.

Not only does the new site provide users with great tools and resources, it also represents the Institute well as a polished and credible organization.

Need a designer with CSS skills? A developer with a sense of aesthetics? An animated gif with gravitas? Let's talk.